VelScope Oral Screening

VelScope Oral Cancer Screening

What cancer strikes 1 in every 105 Canadians, has a mortality rate of 1,150 individuals per year, is more common than brain, stomach or ovaian cancer and is on the rise?

Oral Pharyngeal cancer .

Early detection of any cancer is the key to successful treatment.

Our office is now equipped with a new Oral Cancer Screening system. It is called the Velscope Vx. This new technology allows the dentist to detect abnormal cells not easily seen by white light and palpation exam. The velscope emits a benign blue light of a certain wavelength to excite normal tissues and makes them fluoresce. Abnormal epithelial tissues and underlying stroma causes a loss of fluorescence. This is a painless, quick, and effective procedure with no side effects.

There are many patients in a high risk group for oral pharyngeal cancer (smokers, heavy alcohol consumers and HPV contraction from oral sex )? They should demand that their dentist use this type of oral cancer screening method. If they don’t have such a device, why don’t they?